• "What is a PRE-ORDER item?"

When something is labelled "PRE-ORDER" that means that we do not have it in stock. This does not mean you cannot purchase that item. If you choose to purchase a PRE-ORDER item, it will take 4-6 weeks after confirmation for us to ship to you.

  • "I ordered something that wasn't labelled PRE-ORDER but when I placed the order I received an email saying my item was not available... Why is that?"

This is an issue that comes up frequently because the inventory for our online store cannot be connected to the updated and changing inventory for our physical store. So when we make a sale of an item in our physical store our online inventory will still have it marked as available for purchase. At that point you have three options; One being an exchange for a different item, two being waiting the 4-6 weeks for that PRE-ORDERED item, or a refund.