Born Hawaii Hat HAT SHIELD
Born Hawaii


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Multi-functional black Born Hawaii bucket hat with removable clear vinyl face shield for safety and protection during your outdoor excursions.

  • Full Facial Coverage - Clear view while effectively guarding full face and mouth from breath fog, spit, sneeze mist, cough and flem.
  • Effortless use​- Just position hat comfortably on head with shield forward.
  • Reusable with Easy Cleaning - Hat is machine washable and shield is removable for disinfection.
  • Simple Storage - Soft, lightweight, and foldable for easy access.
  • Great Reminder- Stops you from accidentally touching your face with dirty hands.
  • And So Much More... use in combination with your mask for superior security of your head, face, airway, eyes, mouth, ears and nose from virus invasion.

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